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Energy4me STEM Events

Energy4me STEM Events

Energy4me STEM Events

Energy4me Teacher STEM Workshop

The OTC Energy4me Teachers STEM Workshop welcomes science teachers to this free, one-day workshop. Teachers receive hands-on training by qualified facilitators, listen to a presentation from a prominent energy professional and tour the OTC exhibit floor. Additionally, teachers receive a variety of free instructional materials to take back to their classrooms. This year, the Teacher’s workshop is generously sponsored by Saudi Aramco

Sponsored by:
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Teacher Workshop Includes:

  • Oil and gas educational instruction
  • Free classroom materials provided
  • Qualifies for continuing education credits
  • Classroom activities designed by the NEED project
  • Substitute teacher reimbursement
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Guided tour of OTC exhibit floor

Hands-On Classroom Activities Taught by NEED

Explore age-appropriate energy curriculum through hands-on activities. Instructors from the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED), the leading provider of energy education programs and materials to schools in the US, lead this part of the workshop. All NEED learning activities are correlated to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

Technology Tour

Among the biggest exhibit floors in the energy industry, the OTC exhibit floor reveals all aspects of the offshore oil and gas industry. From helicopters to blow out preventers to crew quarters for offshore rigs, the exhibit floor has it all! Participants in both workshops get to tour and chat with energy professionals displaying their technologies and services.

More About This Year's Workshop:

This year’s workshop will have an emphasis on activities around reducing emissions in the industry. As the US and global community work toward developing technologies and methods to mitigate the release of carbon dioxide, it is important to understand the processes and technologies in place to do so. Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) is one advanced method for mitigating the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from fossil-fueled power stations.

These activities will help, teachers and their students understand why CCUS is part of the solution and how it will impact energy supply, demand, and cost. In the workshop, you will hear from industry speakers about reducing emissions and the energy transition. Teachers are encouraged to visit the OTC exhibition to see first hand the technologies behind the industry’s push to net-zero emissions.



Registration and Breakfast

0800 Welcome, Introductions, and Preview of Agenda
0810 Speaker – Carbon and The Energy Industry

Climate Web Game and Carbon in My Life
Participants will work through a simulation on climate science and carbon in our personal lives.   Understanding more about how carbon flows through our daily life in both our homes and our schools.   This understanding helps lead the way for a bigger discussion of climate science and the impact of climate change.  

0930 Prep for Tours and Meet Your Tour Guides (OTC Scavenger Hunt – there are prizes)
1130 Lunch

Hands-on Climate Science Lessons
Hands-on explorations related to climate science help students and teachers understand the basics of carbon and climate.  These lessons on Greenhouse in a Bottle and the Carbon Capture exploration have participants thinking about personal carbon footprint and how to reduce it.  The capstone of the lesson is enhanced oil recovery - using the carbon as an asset in the production of oil and natural gas.


Evaluation, Thank You, and Adjourn


Teacher Workshop Hands On

OTC Teacher Workshop


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